A few words about my geocoins...

My philosophy is to make enough coins for everyone to enjoy my designs. I do not usually limit production, and a design will typically be "active" for an initial period generally lasting a couple of months. Active coins will be available through my website for general sale. After the initial period the design may be listed as "retired" meaning that the design is no longer available for general sale on my website. The term "sold out" is no longer used and I discourage those reselling my coins from using this term.

I don't release minting numbers, but I can say that my more popular designs may be minted in the thousands. A coin may be minted multiple times, and I hold back coins on a regular basis for personal use including release into the wild, trades, and sale. Even after a design has been "retired" I reserve the right to release/trade/sell additional coins from time to time. At no time should you assume that a coin quantity is limited unless specifically stated as such (see below).

Occasionally a coin edition quantity will be restricted (i.e. Limited Edition). These coins are listed as "only xx made", "Limited Edition", or "XLE" and examples include Silver Tracking Time and Silver Rhode Island. These coin editions will NOT have additional minting. All other coin editions (e.g. mass produced coins that were available for general sale) may have additional minting at my discretion regardless of listed status.

With the exception of Limited Edition coins, when faced with a decision to restrict quantities or make more coins for others to enjoy, I will usually elect to make more coins per my philosophy that enough coins should be made for all to enjoy!


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